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Holiday Break
Dec 10, 2020 2:38 PM
My apologies for this being so dang late!

Just letting folks know that for the time being, the comic is on hold. Mostly due to the fact I need the script for the next chapter completed before I can start drawing it. But also because I just got on new medication for depression, and it's...well...making me SUPER tired all the time. So while I'm in the transitional period of figuring out what works best for me, I have to take care of myself before I can resume the comic. =(

I will do my best to make it not be long though! Wish me luck, and happy holidays to everyone!See more updates
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Chapter: 3 — City of Immortals — Page 43
Nov 10, 2020 11:00 PM
End Chapter...dun dun duuuun
kome — [Reply]
Nov 11, 2020 12:22 AM
Exactly who is he referring to? Because for all we know he might be referring to someone he found before the Pridetails.
Ulta — [Reply]
Nov 11, 2020 10:58 AM
We will find out.
Panther — [Reply]
Nov 11, 2020 4:12 PM
Well ; seeing how Dunedin reacted during all the previous pages , there is greats chances the person he speaks about is Misty ; and for some possibility , about Star
Ulta — [Reply]
Nov 11, 2020 4:14 PM
Both are she's so it's quite possible
Guest — [Reply]
Dec 9, 2020 2:12 PM
When is the next page?
Ulta — [Reply]
Dec 10, 2020 2:36 PM
It's in a break right now. I'll make an announcement shortly!
Guest — [Reply]
Mar 24, 2021 7:53 AM
When ? :wtf:
Guest — [Reply]
Apr 15, 2021 5:54 AM
When you post the next update will it be a big update.