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Topic: Re: New Prologue Sneak Peaks
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Feb 26, 2020 5:04 PM

[center]Greetings all you lovely folks! There's gonna be a slight change related to the comic. A temporary one, but a change none the less.

Hybridor's posting schedule now will be Bi-weekly. Which means every OTHER Wednesday, there will be a new page. Since this Wednesday there isn't one, this means you can expect a new one next Wednesday. ^^

BUT...don't despair too badly. This is only gonna be a temporary change. It will go back to the normal once a week schedule after a certain 'side project' of mine is finished. In fact, when it returns to weekly, you'll actually get a temporary time where you'll get TWO pages a week! So you got that to look forward to hopefully!

So why did it change to bi-weekly? Well..it's because I've finally started remaking the Prologue! I've been meaning to update it for a loooooong time now, and this was the only way I could find the time to actually work on it. However, I will not be posting it until it is completely done. When it IS done, it will start getting it's own once a week upload, but on Saturdays, making Hybridor update TWICE a week! It will be a while before it reaches that point, as the new prologue is 27 pages long, but I promise, it's gonna be MUCH better than the prologue it currently has.

Oh but hey...I got a little secret for you...~

[b]What if I told you...there is a way to see the New Prologue before it's completed?[/b]

During this time while I am creating the New Prologue pages, anyone who's in the Elmin Tier of Hybridor's Patreon (2$ a month tier) will get to see a new page of it each week! Heck, Maybe even several depending on how many I get done that week! This tier already gives you access to the Hybridor discord too, so you get the bonus option of just knowing where you can directly stalk me! ...or Misty...but I dunno why you'd wanna DO that unless you want to know what DPU life is like XD

So if you got the spare change and the desire, consider supporting the Patreon to get this sweet early glimpse of Hybridor's new first impression to old and new readers alike! I'm REALLY excited for this new intro. It's a heckton more refined in my opinion, and I hope fans of the series will love it more too.

If you are interested, [url=https://www.patreon.com/Hybridor]click here for Hybridor's Patreon[/url]!

Oh and to anyone wondering what'll happen to the old Prologue when this is all done, I will be announcing what will be happening to it once this new prologue is finished.

I look forward to seeing who will choose to join the direct Hybridor family and who the patient (or broke lol) souls are who will be waiting for the public release. There is no wrong answer in this case! See all you lovelies next announcement![/center]