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Topic: Re: Award for most posts
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D= facefall wtf :) :( :P

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Jun 18, 2020 12:10 PM
Haha that's a cool thing to do! Although I think I'm cheating a bit with the comic page posts. XD And the fact that anytime I reply to someone's comments on it, it counts as well.

But this means no one can overpower me in forum post count! MUAHAHAHAA! *coughs* [s]totally not true though[/s]
Jun 18, 2020 9:07 AM
Nice little compilation. I'll add one thing to it. As I can access the database I've got Ulta's count that doesn't count comics, profiles, and other auto post from the site)
Ulta with comics, profiles, etc - 263
Ulta just raw forum posts - 88
Jun 18, 2020 12:44 AM
So I thought that this board was getting empty for a bit so combined with my boredom, I've compiled the list of people who have posted the most on the Hybridor Forums! :D

So without further ado, I present, the
[center][u][size=10]MOST ACTIVE ON THE HYBRIDOR FORUMS AWARDS!!![/size][/u]
[s][size=1]Ahaha showing off some of my BBCode skillz :P[/size][/s]

Posts counts are as of June 17.

We are gathered here today to honor those who have contributed to this site the most!

[bullet]So in first, we have none other than [member]1[/member] herself! With a whopping 263 posts! Woooh!
[bullet]Second is me! Wait really? Huh. Yea I guess. With 40 posts!
[bullet]Next up is [member]16[/member] with 22 posts!
[bullet]Then we have the site coder, [member]2[/member], with 18 posts!
[bullet]In fifth place, we have [member]130[/member] with 14 posts!
[bullet]Sixth is [member]4[/member] with 12 posts!
[bullet]Lucky number seven, [member]10[/member] with 9 posts!
[bullet]Finally [member]133[/member] with 5 posts!
[bullet]Everyone else has less than 5 posts, and receives a participation award!

Congratulations to all our participants! Thank you for making this slice of the internet just a bit more active!

As an additional fun fact, I've calculated the percentage of all posts on this site per person! However, I will list the top five. So, out of the 432 posts on this site:

[bullet][member]1[/member] contributed 60.88%
[bullet][member]50[/member] contributed 9.26%
[bullet][member]16[/member] contributed 5.09%
[bullet][member]2[/member] contributed 4.17%
[bullet][member]130[/member] contributed 3.24%

Some graphs to show the results:
Bar Graph of Results

Pie Graph of Results

That's it for these awards folks! Let's hope to make this site more active than ever before![/center]


PS: I didn't do this just to practice BBCode, it was out of sheer boredom XD